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Pocket Quicken for Palm OS


Pocket Quicken

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Supported Platforms

Palm OS

Palm OS 3.5 or later, including Treo 755p, 700p, 650, Centro, Tungsten, LifeDrive and Zire. Palm Pre using Classic v2.0 by MotionApps.

Windows Mobile 5/6
Pocket PC

Pocket PC 2003 through Windows Mobile 6, including the Treo 700w|800w|Pro.

Windows Mobile Smartphone

Windows Mobile 5/6, including the Motorola Q/Q9, Dash, Blackjack.

Pocket Quicken v2.5.1 with over 150 improvements represents a culmination of what we've learned from our customers.

We started with the best of what owners know and love about Pocket Quicken and improved almost every area, both internally and externally.

The cornerstone of this new version is a streamlined interface that makes the ugliest of finances more appealing. Pocket Quicken 2.5.1 provides full support for high resolution screens, graphics and fonts to display your financial information in ways not possible before.

Special attention has been given to optimizing Pocket Quicken for one handed operation; Combining a new ThumbNav™ mode, D-Pad support and superior auto-complete to radically improve on-the-go data capture on Palm OS based smartphones.

In addition to its legendary integration with Quicken, Pocket Quicken 2.5.1 can now operate as a complete standalone Financial Manager right on your handheld; scheduled transactions, reconciliation, flexible searching, improved list management are all present and accounted for.

We have even made it easy to get started too. Simply answer a few simple questions after installation and Pocket Quicken 2.5.1 will automatically configure itself to best suit your needs.


See an instant overview of your financial status on one screen. Flexible font and display options are provided and it even highlights preferred accounts.

Pocket quicken looks and works like your paper checkbook so there is almost nothing new to learn.

Pocket Quicken displays your bottom line and the transactions that got you there. Just start writing the payees name and a new transaction is created with the details filled in.

Quick reports create instant summaries of related transactions. Results can be customized at any stage.

Pocket quicken helps you track how much you've spent on different items and keep to a spending plan.

Fully featured reconciliation ensures you and your bank records are kept in sync.

Safeguard your data. PIN number access helps keep your financial information private.

Keep your finances organized from day one by quickly categorizing transactions at the time of entry.

Getting started is easy. Answer a few simple questions and Pocket Quicken will automatically configure itself to best suit your needs.

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